What is in it for me?

  1. Membership in and contribution to the CEDC indicate that you give more than “lip-service” towards improving conditions in affected neighborhoods. A commitment to CEDC indicates you want ot help others help themselves.  Handouts and welfare continue dependency while CEDC’s programs encourage clients to beocme self reliant and independent.   Corporate membership indicates that your cares and is committed to self help programs in the community.  Monetary donations, in-kind contributions and services are tax deductible.
  2. CEDC’s members and supporters help many of the have-nots in our society including but not limited to (a) unemployed and underemployed, (b) dependent children frm single parent hmes and inner-city housing projects, (c) the homeless, the handicapped and the mentally-ill homeless, (d) membership includes a subscriptin to our quarterly newsletter, voting rights, and discounts on all services and special services and special events.

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