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The Community Education & Development Centers Inc. (CEDC) headquarters building in

South Philadelphia is a sizeable structure but even after renovations it will not be large enough

to accommodate the ten(10) schools of learning we plan to operate. Aschool which is now 

available for sale in the Overbrook/Wynnefield area covering 1.7 acres with at least  ten(10)

classrooms would be an ideal location for our organization’s offices and schools of learning.

CEDC is initating a major information & fund-raising campaign to raise enough money to 

purchase the property with a cash offer as soon as possible.

CEDC is seeking sponsors , donors and the general public to help us raise money for this

sale.  CEDC will be asking Veteran & 1st Responder organizations as well as businesses,

sports teams, national & local celebrities  and the general public to pitch in to match the 

offer we have made to the school’s seller.  Time is of the essence as the school is still on the

market and this location is in a prime location & is an opportunity of a lifetime.

CEDC will be fowarding the virtual tour of the facility to you and/or your organization so that

you can visualise the emmence potential of the property.

Please respond to us as soon as possible so that we can raise enough capital to make this

dream property a part of CEDC’s effort to educate and revitalize the Philadelphia community 

and to recognize  and better serve our Veteran’s , 1st Responders  including but not  limited

to  those youth who have been diagnosed with Autism.

For God, Country & our Community Youth,

Ron Williams

Executive Director, CEDC

1st Lt., Signal Corps, USAR, Ret.

Commander, Veteran’s of Foreign Wars Post # 3090,, (215) 303-7369

Click below for a virtual tour: