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African American Achievers Hall of Fame Collage

Requests for renomination of Achievers on existing collage presented by   Gerald Davis circa 1995.
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  2023 African American Achievers H O F Collage

American Achievers Hall of Fame (AAHOF)

The American Achievers Hall of Fame will portray individuals who have distinguished  themselves in the fields of Science, Technology, Entertainment, Journalism, Sports,    Statesmanship etc. by setting a good example and being a positive role model for the  entire population to emulate. This category includes but not is limited to Achievers from  every ethnic, religious or racial background. This category includes Asian, Pacific Islanders  European, Hispanic, American Indians, etc. who have achieved notoriety while not abusing  people of other racial or ethnic backgrounds while treating other people fairly. Example:   Abraham Lincoln, John Brown, Harry Truman, Ruth Bader Ginsberg & Mike Jerrick & DR.  Mike from U of P. Nominations are open. Same scholarships apply.

War on Homelessness includes Homeless Veterans, Veterans of Homelessness + War   against suicide, alcohol& drug abuse, War against Community, Street & Gun violence    & War against child & Elder abuse As well a War against   anti-Asian & LGBQT communities.

Building Fund for Codario Center in South Philadelphia.  including Solar panels & Wind    turbines. In need of Contractors, building supplies, instructors & students, Indorse a brick  dedicated to veterans, 1st responders, contributors(individual & corporate)

Laying a Wreath in memory of all of the lives lost by 1st responders, Veterans, school  &   COVID-19 and senseless violence.

Teen hero honored after rescuing two neighbor children from burning building

A teenager ran into a burning home, then ran out, carrying two young children. The City of Philadelphia is saying “Thank You.”

FC Wesley Methodist Church joined the Philadelphia Fire Department to honor 18-year-old David Gullette Sunday. The ceremony took place one month after the Logan area teen ran into a burning home at 56th Street and Girard Avenue, carrying his 4-year-old and 5-year-old neighbors to safety.

“I just get them outside and make sure they’re cool away from the house. And, I knock on the neighbor’s house, get them out because the fire can travel fast,” said David Gullette.

Deputy Chief Charles Johnson says David unequivocally saved two little lives that day. Encouraging him to continue his good deeds and hold on to his sense of community. The Chief and David even discovering they share a special connection.

“I grew up in that West Philadelphia area,” said Chief Johnson. “The fact that he actually wants to help the Philadelphia Fire spread the message about making sure you have working smoke alarms in your house on every level and knowing what to do when they’re activated – it makes me feel so proud,” Chief Johnson added.

David’s proud mom and family members looked on as he was honored. 

“I wasn’t really expecting any of this to happen. I’m really honored. I really appreciate this,” Gullette stated.

David still sees the two little boys he saved. They live in his neighborhood. David indicated it would be very cool to join the fire department.